12 September 2014

DIY : Felt Bunny Rabbit Gift

DIY : Felt  Bunny Rabbit Gift

DIY crafts- Rabbit mesracollection

This craft to make an rabbit Bunny Felt is super simple, it will take very little time and get a beautiful doll to give away, you will be proud when complete it.

Wadding or cotton to fill 
Molde rabbit 
Needle and thread 

Step by step:

To make this sweet felt rabbit bunny gift at first download rabbit pan on a card. Place it on the felt pen and mark its outline.

Fold the felt in half so you have two symmetrical parts.

With scissors cut the felt by the contour line of the mold rabbit you had done.

Place one figure over the other rabbit.

With needle and thread sew the outline of two figures to join them, but leave an open space to fill then.

Use the space you left open to put wadding filling. Put the batting inside the rabbit slowly to fill all things.

Closed it, and stopped to put the filling.

Roll the tape through the bell.

Locate the ribbon with the bell on the neck of the figure of a rabbit and sew it.

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