09 October 2014

DIY Blue Monster

DIY Blue Monster

A nap time pillow as gift and looking for ideas to create one?

Let's visit this nina_cuneo's album and you will get a basic idea how a stuffed pillow can be made, from here you can have different design other than monster :D

Happy viewing!

02 October 2014

DIY Crafts : Tissue Paper Holder

Felt Tissue Paper Holder

Today i will share you how we will perform these simple cases to save the tissue.®


Sewing Machine
Box of tissues

Step by step:

The first thing to do is remove the battery from the box of tissues, not disarm them. Put used tissues on the felt and cut a rectangle so that you can fold the sides toward the center. Remove the cloth and make both sides match in the middle and sew the ends as you see in the picture on the right. Finally place the stack of tissues inside.
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